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can i play this on the quest 2?

yes but only with a link cable or air link

My video on this game, pretty good, although for Weeping Angel immersion, I wish the clowns killed me in one hit.


Its free in terms of money, but it comes at a price of having to change pants each time you play.

Can you make an oculus quest version of this game? With the growing popularity of standalone VR you could release this game as an apk to sideload for Quest users. It would probably run fine with the graphics too.

I'd love to see this as a full game


This game made me want to rewatch Doctor Who! 

is there any version of this game for pc only?


Im happy that someone out there in the world likes Doctor Who or knows of it :D


...Doctor Who has a gigantic fan base. 


Worked fine on Rift CV1. Nice idea, I scarequited real fast!

This game just made me scream. I bet the neighbors are gonna ask me what the hell was happening.

I hope your happy. I'll play more tomorrow.

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Incredible concept. Just please make sure you dont overdo it like the brookhaven experiment people did with their final product. They had so much going for them with the original demo but added so much complexity that I lost interest.

lookie scary

It says not available for Windows on the home program please change this
(And I'm going to report to that if the input method is htc vive than it has windows support and to give the option to say it worked for windows/linux/mac even if the uploader didn't set it and some other things)


It took me a looong while before I dared to record this but I finally did it!
And it was good! Real good! :D

Stay Rad Everybody!!

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I wish every VR game had a non-VR mode. It's like an entire genre of games are being made exclusively for the few Let's Players who forked over the cash for VR sets. I literally know zero people IRL who have delved into VR yet. This looks interesting, and I love Doctor Who.


You have a point. This game probably has value in non-vr mode and it would be fun, but watch the videos. Those reactions are real, and they would not happen if you were playing on a 2d monitor. My heart jumped out of my chest the first few rounds. That aspect is huge, and completely lost outside of VR. It's with good reason the game was made with that in mind. I was the first of my IRL buddies to take the plunge (drop $ as you mentioned) into VR. For my friends who have the space and funds needed, I'm dumbfounded that they won't take the plunge. Only one has, and he agrees 100%.


I've watched the videos and understand the benefits and appeal of VR, but none of that is really relevant, because all I wish is that VR games came with a non-VR mode so more people could enjoy them instead of watching *rich* people on youtube run around with gear on their heads, because that's pretty much the only audience right now. This is not a new concept. Loads of games offer options that "degrade" the experience just for the sake of making the 'experience' available to more people in general. This is why games have graphics options. "It's so much better in VR, though!" is a pretty weak reason.

If I was making a game, I'd want people to actually play it, not watch the YouTube videos just because that's the only place most people can experience VR right now. Maybe that's just me.

And I can't help but ask—if a game relies that much on VR for an enjoyable it really the game that people are watching, or the VR?


One thing I have to point out is some things can only be done in virtual reality maybe this game could work without it but some things(games etc) can ONLY work in vr and I thing Hideo Kojima said this best quote

"IGN: Do you like VR?

Kojima: I love VR! I would play it now but atm I have Death Stranding.

IGN: Out of the VR content so far, anything you particularly liked?

Kojima: Nothing yet that I've particularly liked, which is what makes me want to work on a VR game myself (laugh). I think it's a shame more people are not trying new ways to bring out ppl's emotions. While film is good for what film can do, games do what film can't, and VR again does it different. VR can make users feel in ways that was previously not possible, this is huge, yet no one is doing this! They see VR as an extension of traditional games, but I think it is not. (延長線上, lit: extension of a straight line.)

IGN: You mean they should be focusing on things that can only be expressed in VR, and not just rehash traditional games?

Kojima: If I said what they should do, then people will just copy that thing, so I won't say it here (laugh). But I do think it's a real shame, here's a hint. 120 years ago, the Lumière brothers produced motion picture. This was done by flipping a screen encapsulated in a frame repeatedly to create the illusion of moving pictures. This culture of a screen encapsulated in a frame continued a 100 something years. And with it evolved the challenge of how to move people to laugh, to cry, to feel fear, by manipulating what's in the frame.
Kojima: But now with VR, there's no frame. There's no frame, and it's interactive. This opens up possibilities. You can do things that was previously impossible because of this frame. I would love to explore this area while no one is at it yet.


TLDR "But now with VR, there's no frame."(That is the short version)


What's your point? Kojima likes VR, so normal monitors have no more merit? That doesn't do anything to prove your point, it just reiterates it which is pointless.

The fact still remains that the large majority of consumers still ONLY have access to monitors. In addition to this, it's not that hard to convert a VR game to being played on a controller, so in my opinion it's not only stupid but a little unacceptable that developers don't include this feature more often so more people can play their games.

If the reason they do this is SERIOUSLY because they "don't want people to experience it in a non-ideal scenario!" then all I have to say to that is "waaaaaaahhhhhhhh!"

Did you hear James Cameron whining about people viewing Avatar in standard 2d? No. Because that would be dumb.

Have a good one!

Would you also want a version of COD you could play on an iPhone? No, because the concept would not work on that medium and would lose all of its effect. A lot of VR games would be considered pretty basic and not very good on a 2D monitor, but playing them in VR is more fun than any monitor game.

Yeah you can slap basic keyboard and mouse controls into a VR game, but not all of them. Many are designed to specifically take advantage of the room scale and motion controls, and switching them to button presses and a mouse movement loses SO much. I am working on a game where you control a dragon and fly using your arms like wings - the entire point of the mechanic, to feel like your own arms are wings would be lost if it was done using a controller - at that point its the same as any other flight sim and has no originality.

Also for horror games like this, the immersion of VR is required. VR makes people when they get mobbed by enemies cry out and cower - this does not happen on a 2D monitor. In VR it is very difficult to walk off a cliff edge - easy on a monitor game. Hell a well known game Richies Plank is literally just walking along a wood plank sticking out a large building really high up - its scary in VR but literally shovelware on a monitor. Playing Dont Blink on a monitor instead of in VR would literally reduce the effect and feeling of the game by 90%, it's not worth it. People would say it sucks and leave bad reviews because they wouldn't realize they are only getting 10% of the effect - why would a developer put out such a neutered version?